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Litigation Support

Our extensive experience provides the basis for developing appropriate document and discovery requests which will address the financial and accounting issues unique to each case. We assist counsel in preparing for depositions to elicit the critical information that bears directly on damages issues.

Another role involves the analysis and critique of the opposing party's claim or expert report. We are effective at identifying key assumptions, weaknesses, inconsistencies, errors and unusual sensitivities found in an opposing party's claim.

The documents and information obtained through focused discovery provides the specific basis for the development of objective damages models. Our success is due to thorough preparation, well-supported analysis, and our ability to communicate complex issues and analysis effectively.

When attempts to settle the dispute fail, we look forward to the opportunity to testify, both in deposition and at trial, to advocate our opinions. Our Partners and Managers have testified many times, in many Courts, in a wide variety of different cases. This experience and high level of technical expertise is crucial to persuasively presenting our opinions to the Judge or Jury.