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Insurance Loss Accounting

We bring to Insurance Carriers and their Insured's valuable experience developed over many years of claim service.  From the first contact, we devote the resources necessary to move the claim evaluation process forward.  Contact within 24 hours and documenting communications are standards that we practice.

We have extensive knowledge of Insurance Policy provisions, including Loss of Income, Extra Expense, and First Party Wage Loss, our most common insurance loss assignments.  Our knowledge and communication skills are applied when working with parties who may lack an understanding of how these policies work. 

Handled in an objective, professional manner, this initial communication develops trust, identifies potentially difficult issues up front, and is critical in helping the all parties to develop a realistic expectation of the ultimate amount of loss. 

Our years of experience allow us to develop document requests necessary to evaluate each loss, and the ability to plainly explain the necessity of each document to the insured. 

We deal directly with both the Insurer's Representatives (Adjusters and Attorneys) and the Insured's Representatives (Public Adjusters, Attorneys and CPAs).  While our technical expertise is significant, of equal importance is our ability to effectively communicate technical issues in a non-technical way.  This is crucial in helping Insurers, Insureds, and their representatives identify and understand differences of approach and opinion, a critical step in moving claims towards resolution.

When claims don't resolve, we are experienced in the Appraisal process provided by the Insurance Policy.  We have served as Umpires, Appraisers and technical experts assisting Appraisers throughout the years.

When claims end up in court, we look forward to the opportunity to testify, both in deposition and at trial, to advocate our opinions.  Our Partners and Managers have testified many times, in many Courts, in a wide variety of different cases.  This experience and high level of technical expertise is crucial to persuasively presenting our opinions to the Judge or Jury.